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Apr 21, 2020

Enpass Password Manager v6.7.0.550 APK! [PRO]

Enpass pro is the most secure and cost-effective password password manager app in the world! Enpass password manager pro offers you freedom from remembering too many passwords and other important credentials. It secures them in one place by your master password and makes them accessible anywhere and everywhere - on your smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

It Is Unbeatable:

  • None of your data is stored on company’s servers.
  • No sign-up or subscription is required.
  • Syncs data across all mobile and desktop devices
  • 80+ pre-defined templates to save all sort of information.
  • Easy to use with simple and consistent design everywhere.

Makes Your Life Hassle Free:
  • Signing up on new websites with strong passwords is not a pain as the built-in password manager
  • Lets you create unique and strong passwords of desired style.
  • Automatically fills logins details in apps, chrome and other supported browsers.
  • Securely fills credit card details while shopping online.
  • Supports use of fingerprints for quick unlock to access information.
  • It’s not just about passwords. You can even save attachments, bank accounts, addresses for autofill, social security numbers, travel documents and all other kind of credentials you have.

For Everyone:
  • No matter which platform you love, you’ll find it there.
  • Simple design that suits everyone.
  • Collaborate with family and team members using multiple vaults syncing through shared cloud accounts.
Security Is Paramount:
  • Your data is always stays encrypted with your master password
  • Enpass automatically locks itself when not in use.
  • Our philosophy is your security! We use SQLCIPHER, a transparent, widely accepted and open-source SQLite extension for encryption of your data using AES-256 with key derived from 100,000 iterations of PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256.


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