7 Jan 2016

Solid Explorer USB OTG Plugin 1.0.6 APK Is Here ! [LATEST]

Solid Explorer Premium Apk

Solid Explorer USB OTG


This plugin for Solid Explorer lets you access files stored on USB drives or card readers on Nexus devices. Minimum required version of Solid Explorer is 2.0. If your device already supports mounting OTG drives, you don't need this plugin.Please note that Nexus devices running Android 6 have now built in support for FAT formatted USB drives, so Solid Explorer will work with them without this plugin.All nexus phones and tablets with USB host capabilities are supported (Nexus 4 may not be supported without a custom kernel). You may also want to use this plugin on other devices with USB host in case they don't mount file systems out of the box.


Supported file systems

  • FAT32

  • exFAT

  • NTFS in read only mode



  • full read/write access (except NTFS)

  • media streaming - play music and videos on third party players, even on the Chromecast

  • supports hard drives with external power supply


Others Plugins & Useful hing

This plugin doesn't require root. In case of any problems, please use the "Send bug report" option under application's "About" section.

Solid Explorer USB OTG Plugin Apk


Solid Explorer USB OTG Plugin 10.0.6 | Mirror | Mirror

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