Jan 29, 2016

15 GB OneDrive Cloud Storage By Microsoft For Free ! [GIVEAWAY]

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OneDrive — formerly known as SkyDrive — is cross-platform cloud storage offered by a well-known tech giant, Microsoft. Aside from regular features of allowing you to store and share any file type with it, OneDrive comes with additional features like built-in Office Online (which allows you to create or edit Office documents) and syncing of files stored in OneDrive across all your computers, smartphones, and tablets.
OneDrive originally offered everyone free 15 GB cloud storage. Unfortunately, Microsoft has now decided to decrease that to free 5 GB cloud storage for everyone. However, for a limited time, you have the ability to lock in your free 15 GB cloud storage before Microsoft decreases everyone down to 5 GB. Click the orange button above to learn how to lock in your free 15 GB cloud storage so that Microsoft doesn’t decrease you to 5 GB.
  • Click Here To Go To the Registration page
  • Click the blue button that says "Keep your free storage" (note: if you have the extra 15 GB camera roll storage, you will get to keep that too)
  • If you aren't logged in already, you will have to log into your Microsoft account
  • When you see a page that says "Success!", you are done

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