8 Nov 2015

Phone Tester Premium v2.0.16 APK [hardware info]

Phone Tester Pro apk for Android

Phone Tester Premium app is similar to EVEREST or AIDA64, but apart from showing the components and system information, Phone Tester also shows sensors readings. Phone Tester Pro The best hardware information app! is a free app that allows you to analyze and test your device's hardware, sensors and components, to make sure everything is operating correctly.
  • Information about your device's cameras
  • Device's sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, compass
  • Wifi: internal & external IP, gateway, DHCP server
  • Telephony: signal, network type, external IP
  • GPS: satellites, latitude, longitude, speed
  • Signal, network type, external IP, SIM data
  • Level of charge, capacity, time on, temperature, health...
  • Battery: health, level of charge
  • Multitouch screen: how many fingers recognize your device
  • More

How To Install
  • Download APK from bellow link
  • Open Download Path; Install the Apk Normally
  • Enjoy Phone Tester Premium (hardware info)

Phone Tester Pro apk free download


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