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Nov 5, 2015

Blacklist Plus PRO v1.18 Cracked APK [Update]


Blacklist Plus PRO v1.18

Blacklist Plus is a powerful call blocker. Calls blocking is now simple and effective with Blacklist Plus PRO You can add to the blacklist not only any contact or number from the calls logs, but also the whole range of any phone numbers that begin with certain digits. Any numbers in any format, can be added to both the black and the white lists.Blacklist Plus perfectly blocks calls. By using the whitelist and the various modes of blocking, you will have the opportunity to define precisely the circle of people who can get access to you. The scheduling option will also let you set the hours you want blocking activated and will prevent unexpected night calls from bothering you.This call blocker also provides a whole range of options for managing the blocking, such as the option to block hidden numbers, as well as the option to turn off notifications and setup password protection.

There Are Four Block Modes At Your Disposal
  • Blacklist
  • All except the whitelist
  • All except contacts
  • All numbers
  • Block method selection:
  • Hang up
  • Mute
  • Other capabilities:
  • Whitelist
  • Adding a range of numbers into the black and white lists
  • Options for blocking calls
  • Blocking hidden numbers
  • Journal of blocked calls and messages
  • Setting up a password
  • Very easy and stable
  • A user-friendly interface
  • A variety of settings

How To Install

  • Download APK
  • Install Like As Usual
  • That's All Enjoy Blacklist Plus PRO

blacklist plus pro cracked APK


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